Easy ordering – Streamlining your Company’s print and POS materials into a customized online portal – all in one place. You don’t need employees to manage the orders and distribution.

Printed Product Flexibility – you can easily make changes to existing products and add new ones. Your printed materials are flexible and constantly updated.

No storage costs – order only as much as you need and avoid high storage costs.

Other products – possibility of ordering and storing of other products. We can adapt to numerous needs of our customers.

Other suppliers – You may add products from other suppliers to the system. We offer the service of handling orders to other suppliers. Easy ordering only in one place. Products may also be stored in our warehouses.

Distribution – We pack and distribute products according to your demands. Make use of our competencies and competitive prices of our Logistics Centre in Poland. In periods of intensified traffic, we easily hire additional help.

Corporate Image – Control your corporate image. All materials are printed pursuant to the set rules and the order does not change during its execution.

Access control – You decide whether the system should have one administrator or whether each department will deal with its own orders individually. We offer many access levels for users. The administrator can easily get access to statistics and other information.

Stay informed – Our online ordering portal gives easy access to information about who orders materials, what they order, when they order and so forth.

Administration – We completely take over administration of the incoming orders, as well as production, packing and distribution.

Contact – Your designated consultant is always at your disposal.

Save money – Get more time to do what you do best.

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