Every customer has different needs. Therefore, our solutions are always individually adjusted to the needs of your company.


Our production is based on modern, digital solutions, which allows us to adjust to the customer needs helping them lower or eliminate storing costs, while preserving the continuity of production of printing materials for every customer. We can take over the production of most printed products also POS materials.


We offer both machine and manual packing. E.g. packing of blister sets, vacuum packing, packing of loose parts into plastic bags etc. Just let us know your requirements. We always pay attention to the needs of our customers.


Our individual approach to each customer makes us open to any investments in machines, adjusted to the production needs of particular customers. While considering the optimal quality, price, delivery date and reliability of deliveries.


Flexible Warehouse Solutions

If your company needs to store part of the products until the entire order is complete, we offer you suitable storage solutions. You only pay for the storage area, which you use in longer or shorter periods.

The decision about how much to manufacture for the needs of current orders, is based on your needs, acceptable production-, and lead times in the warehouse.


Handling of goods from third parties

We also offer servicing of product deliveries from third parties, e.g. purchase of specific goods from other suppliers or transferring orders to other suppliers. This way, you can submit your orders only in one place.

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