Our motto is that ‘it pays to have Eurographic Group as a strategic partner'.


We offer tailor-made solutions oriented to improving your Supply Chain Management functions.


As Kim Sundtoft Halt said during the ‘3rd Supply Chain Leaders Conference’, organized by CBS and Tata Consultancy Services in September 2014:


” Supply Chain Management (SCM) is about delivering constantly increased value to the end customer. If we don’t know what kind of value we provide to the customer, we are not able to determine whether we do it right and whether our strategy is correct”



How we do it?


Based on cooperation, advice and planning we will find the products and services, which may advantageously be included in a customized setup for your company.


We consider numerous factors, such as:

  • How are projects currently administered?
  • Is it the right solution?
  • Does your company want to gather everything in one place, and what would be the advantages of such solution?
  • Do we want to preserve specific products with an existing supplier?
  • What administrative and human resources do you use now and how would you benefit from implementing a customized setup at Eurographic Group?
  • Are there any other elements or costs that are important to you?
  • Will it gain a larger profit?


We have developed several Case Studies that present different solutions and add different values to the value chain.


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